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I am currently focused on a few special projects in order to explore new opportunities.

Available for contract or full-time roles that tap into my experiences, skills, or interests (in no particular order): Marketing, Content Publishing, Technology Leader, Media Producer, Product Development, Product Manager, Growth Hacker, Campaign Strategies, Social Media, Online Communities, UX Architecture + Design, Live Video Streaming, Media andAdvertising, Ad Tech, Impact and Social Entrepreneur, Do-gooder Marketing Technologist, Business Strategist, Big Data, Business Intelligence (BI), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sustainability, Permaculture, Innovation facilitation, Creative Technology, Startup Mentor, Advisor, openGov, Civic Tech, Mobile/web application product leader, Information Security, Financial Tech, Healthcare, Blockchain, bitcoin, ether, DAO, and Cryptocurrency in general.

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You may SMS or call (312) 436-1979. If you do not know how to contact me, please reach out to me right here:

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